Run by Volunteers

None of our members are paid and we simply do this for enriching our community.  Read more below to see how we started...

Active Members




Since 1998, a group of friends have been gathering around Seattle to raise money through food and beverage.  Over the year's friends have come and gone but one thing remains true is the bond we from with helping the less fortunate.


We offer many opportunities for everyone to help out and volunteer in fun new ways.

To the funnest way to raise money for Charity

about us

  • Robert Bennett (President)
  • Steve Kirchmeyer (Vice President)
  • Devlin McGill (Advisor)
  • Tommy Brooks (Treasurer)
  • Jason Kuc (Secretary)
  • Kyle Perteet (Sargent of Arms)
  • Jeff Stone (Founder)
  • Jason Sutherland 
  • Jamie Rizzo
  • Adam Grant (New Member)
  • Jordon Hayford (New Member)