Long Term Goals

Next 5 years

Our 501c3 is comprised of mostly members who work or have worked in the restaurant industry and or own a small business.   Our spirit of entrepreneurship has helped us raise over $200,000 over the last 15 years. While there have been ups and down we are in constant search for recurring revenue for small non profits.

Our vision is to explore and one day open a non-profit restaurant/bar whose profits go to local charities.

Measuring our 2019 Goals

In 2019 we have three charities which we have donated our proceeds to the following charities:

#1:  Proceeds from Winter Timberrr Festival will be allocated to Upper Valley Mend in Leavenworth.

#2:  Proceeds from Summer Timber Festival will be donated to the Seattle Milk Fund.

#3:  Northwest Agave Festival (f.k.a. Northwest Tequila Festival) will be donated to Northwest Immigrant Rights Project